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1934 Plymouth

We came accross this car after the owner got a referral from one of our previous customers. When I first saw it I was not impressed, someone chopped the top and it was as flat as a pancake. none of the panels fit right and there was plenty of cracked bondo the car even had a crappy motor. The owner told me he didnt have a lot of money to put into this restoration But he was a pretty nice guy. Through conversation I found out he raced a '50 olds coupe out here in AZ back in the 60's I also found out he knew a lot of people I knew. Well the whole yearly soft spot thing struck again and I gave him a good price. I made a new top for it got the bead roller out and put some nice lines in it. Spent some time with the plenishing hammer and acheived a nice top. We also did some minor modifications on the front lower valance panel, right under the grille. As you can see the hood is louvered that is really about it for the body mods. We painted it with VW refex silver and the fenders went about three shades darker. It is a very clean driver. The engine is a zz4 crate motor I beleive it had 385hp. Not too fast but we're used to those six, seven, eight hundred horsepower monsters. I don't normally mention the customers names But in this case The owners name was Jim Willow he wasoriginally from AZ. Unfourtatly passed away last year. We belive the car is located in Kansas city MO Currently with his wife. I'm sure a lot of people in AZ will recognise his name he was a very good man. By the way Jim is the guy on the left holding the trophy. I'm on the right. Click on a picture to see it full size.


During Construction

Completed Pictures