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1936 Lincoln

This car belongs to a customer in Wickenburg AZ. It is a 1936 Lincoln Willoughby K model V-12. This was quite an interesting car to restore. The body is primarily aluminum, the car does have steel fenders. The restoration took nine months to complete. With this particular vehicle the customer wanted the car to be extremely correct. We did a lot of research to insure everything was right. And it certainly paid off. The car has been a routine class winner. We also did the beautiful wood work on the inside. According to our research, only ten of these cars were built. We believe there are only four left in existence. While this car was undergoing restoration our shop resembled a chinese laundry. We had all of the parts hanging from the rafters and covering shelves. For example, The horns alone on this car have fourteen pieces each. All of which had to be restored, painted and reassembled to operable condition. We've done several cars for this gentleman since, and it has been great working with him. If there is any questions about this wonderful car I can go more in detail with you about the restoration. Click on a picture to see it in full size.

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