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1941 Plymouth

This guy here came in to our shop with this '41 Plymouth. I looked at it and Immediately thought oh, what an ugly car. The stock grille really bothered me, it looked so terrible. I asked him why on earth he wanted to build such an ugly car. Well, he told me his father owned it and the car has a lot of sentimental value to him. (have you heard that one before?) As the conversation progressed I asked him how far he wanted to go on the car. He mentioned going with a late model hemi engine and doing some body mods. He told me he wanted something nice he could take the family out cruising in. Well as it normally goes with these custom cars, This project became far more radical then it was first intended to be. We started off by chopping the top. Its been years since I've done a chop like this. I call it my salt flat cut because it's similar to the cut you'd find on many bonneville racers. One thing led to another, and we extended the front fenders and hood 8" and also pancaked the hood. I finally got rid of that ugly stock grille and stuffed a pair of '40 Lincoln Zephyr grilles in the hole. We finished the front end off with a pair of 37 ford headlights. Around back we rounded all of the decklid corners rolled the rear pan. We installed big wheel tubs originally designed to fit 23" wide mickey thompsons inside. The dashboard is hand built and it is all steel. It took upwards of 30 pieces of steel and a lot of hours to build. The late model hemi idea was scrapped early in the project. The fenders and hood were stretched for a reason.We needed room for the monster twin turbocharged Chrysler 440, that puts out upwards of a thousand horsepower. (did he go a little overboard?) One of my main goals with this car, like a lot of the cars that I build is to fool everybody and keep them guessing. Most people I asked can't figure out what it started life as. The car will be delived this year and we are expecting this car to have a lot of magazine coverage. If you have any questions about this build please feel free to email and I will go more in depth. Click on a picture to see it in full size.

Update: This car is finished and has been to quite a few shows already. I will be contacting the owner shortly to get ahold of some current shots.

During Construction
chopping the top on the 41 plymouth 41 plymouth top chopped and clamped together
Left: The two metal masters at work, chopping another one. Right: Everything clamped in place its time to start welding.
salt flat look raked angled roof chop custom rear roll pan plymouth coupe
Left: This type of chop is commonly known as the "Salt Flat cut" Right: Many different modifications coming together to smooth out the rear of the car. Trunk corners rounded, custom roll pan, rear fenders extended, widened and welded to the body. This is just the start!
chrysler 440 in plymouth 41 plymouth custom metal work rear fenders
Left: Test fitting of the chrysler 440. Work on the custom frame begins, rails run wild for now. Right: The rear of the plymouth is looking good. check out the extentions that tie the rear fender into body.
plymouth coupe widened rear fenders plymouth hot rod custom hand built steel dash
Right: When this car was finished many people thought the dash was fiberglass, But It is actually 100% hand built out of steel. This was one labor intensive dash.
1941 plymouth side view lincoln zephyr grille and ford headlights in plymouth
Right: Frenched '37 ford headlights have been grafted in. A pair of newly fabricated grille openings await a set of '40 lincoln zephyr grilles.
The plymouth really needed a change up front.
hot rod metal fabrication plymouth front fender metal work
Left: The hood will flow perfectly into the front of the car. Right: Again more extensive metal work, The front fenders have been welded solid to the body, stretched and widened,
and the fender lip has been reinforced.
front fender 41 plymouth front end smoothed out lincoln grille installed in coupe
Left: Nice close up of the stitches. Right: Much cleaner up front, the look is really coming together.
complete rolling chassis 41 plymouth setting the body on the frame
Left: Complete rolling chassis at Glens getting the brake and fuel lines routed and motor painted. All of which needed to happen before the frame could be re-united with the body.
Right: Setting the body on the frame permanently.
setting the body on the custom frame twin turbo 440 in plymouth
Right: Back to Glens, He really laid it out under the hood. Not much room left in there.
twin turbos plymouth  custom dash with gauges installed
racing fuel cell 41 coupe sanded and buffed
tribal flames on plymouth custom dash painted
In the final three pictures the car had just been sanded and buffed and was ready to head off to the upholstery shop. I am going to get some updated pictures posted soon.