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1967 Camaro

This car used to belong to me. I sold it to Glen Coleman. (Remember he's the man sleeping on the engine stand. ha ha!) He has done such a wonderful job on this car. It just amazes me how quick he has learned this trade. So far he has done everything you see here. Glen wants me to lay down a genuine Brandy's paint job. But if I don't hurry up I wouldn't be surprised if he went painted it himself. The car has a detroit engineering rear half installed and is also mini tubbed to fit 13" wide drag radials. Because we are on a tight budget he used the stock front sub frame and added some nice tubular A-arms and updated spindles. Some of the engine accessories and dress up items were snagged off of ebay. Even with vigilant ebay hunting this car will have about $30,000 in it when its ready for the road. The camaro is powered by a 396 with big valved heads and many other good things inside. It should dyno upwards of 550 horse. It has a built up turbo 400 trans with manual shift conversion. Built by our tranny man, Benny Edwards of AZ. He's the only man that we use for our transmissions, Through all the years and big horsepower we have put trough his transmissions he bats about 98% The tranny in my wife’s blue camaro lasted over ten years even with a 4500rpm stall converter. We thought we'd give this guy a little advertisement.

During Construction
1967 camaro before restoration 67 camaro with motor set in place
67 camaro interior shot 67 camaro powered by a 396
67 camaro front view muscle car 67 camaro ready for paint
67 camaro painted corvette velocity yellow 67 camaro custom hood opening
67 camaro rear view 67 camaro rear
67 camaro with racing stripes