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1967 Camaro Convertible

This 67 camaro convertible Was originally a v8 car with an auto trans. I had the car in my inventory for a short time. Last year I sold it to one of my customers and we started work soon after the sale. The first thing to be modified was the firewall, which had to be moved back 3 1/2" to make room for the 498 C.I. big block chevy that puts out around 600 horse. The motor was built by Duffee Motorsports of AZ. For a transmission we chose a turbo 400 with the manual shift conversion. We installed a 9" ford rear end and used Detroit Engineering's rear four bar setup. During this time I was primarily using chassisworks four bar setups. But I heard through the grape vine about Detroit Engineering and I was very impressed. Mini-tubs had to be installed so that we could fit 13" wide BFGs. On the front end we did use a chassisworks subframe, polished rack and motor mount setup. The car is getting very close to delivery. It is currently at the upholstery shop where it is receiving a twenty thousand dollar interior. No Joke!! We really hope this car will make a few magazine covers. When the car comes back from the upholstery shop I will get more updated pictures. Click on a picture to see it in full size.

During Construction