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1969 Trans-Am Ram Air VI

We are trying to acquire more pictures of this absolutely gorgeous 69 Pontiac. When I first heard about this car I wasn't too excited but after I found out there is only a handful of them left in existence I said: "Lets do-er" The car was quite rough to start with. It looked like someone had been jumping around on the roof. It was caved in pretty bad. I believe we replaced one quarter panel and a door skin and the rest was just a lot of work. For the record, Yes this is a genuine ram air car. Steel hood, correct engine and transmission and original rear wing. The owner was fun to work with. He was very anxious to drive his baby. The license plate used to read "REAL TA." I understand the car was sold last year to a buyer back east. I hope they take good care of it. If the new owner is visiting now, please feel free to email us. We are including scans of this car on the front cover of Pontiac enthusiast magazine as well as the center page story. I have personally seen two of these original Ram Air vi TA's I'm sorry but I think our 69 is the best in the world! Click on a picture to see it in fullsize.

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