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1970 Camaro RS

I found this car down the street from our garage. I went over to a guys house to look at a truck I was interested in buying. While I was there I noticed that next to the garage sat a very old looking, faded root beer brown '70 Camaro. I asked the guy if the car was for sale he quickly replied "no" He told me his wife drove the camaro back and fourth to college and would never sell it. I thought to myself, this guy must be cheap. He cant even fix this car up for his wife? Instead he'd rather let it rot into the ground? Well after many attempts he finally agreed to sell it for a thousand dollars. I immediately ran home and got my trailer and told my wife, "Honey, I bought you a car!" Twenty minutes after getting it home I got it started, and my wife was driving it around in the back yard. She had the biggest smile on her face. We looked in the glove box and found all of the original paperwork for this one owner RS. The camaro sat around for over two years then we decided to tear into it. The car has a 396 that puts out around 550 horse. The transmission is a turbo 350 with manual shift. The color was custom made and the stripes run all the way through. Even through the gas tank! My wife raced this car at our local drag strip for two years. It consistently ran in the low 12's. She had a lot of fun racing it. This car has been in so many shows and has won quite a few trophies. It is a three time Super Chevy Show winner. It was funny we were at the last Super Chevy Show at firebird raceway AZ, and she asked me if we could enter the camaro. I told her the car has been out now for ten years and I think people are getting tired of seeing the same car. It can't possibly win. Well to my surprise they called her name. She got the big trophy and the super chevy black jacket for the total camaro classes. It's hard to believe it has been twelve years since this car was restored. It still looks beautiful and would probably win tomorrow if it was entered into another show. I used concept 2021 clear coat on this car and I use it on all of our cars. We can expect at least a ten year paint job. Even in AZ. Click on a picture to see it in full size.


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