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1970 Oldsmobile Cutlass

This '70 oldsmobile won 1st place in the 2003 Super Chevy Show. Yes! I know you're thinking: "But its an olds, they can't be in super chevy!" We fixed that by installing a 405hp chevy ZZ4 crate engine. The super chevy show was the debut show for the olds. I will never forget how shocked Glen and his wife Teresa were, when they were called up to get their trophy. This car started one of the best friendships a man could ask for. Through the years Glen started doing work for us on the side. He now does all of our suspension work, wiring, and engine dress up. I've often told him he is a natrual born hot rodder. Glens wife Teresa is very understanding about me turning her husband into a gearhead. There will be more written about these guys in the future. Because they are a big part of our lives. Click on a picture to see it in fullsize.

During Construction


Glen, hard at work.