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1976 Camaro

This car is a 1976 camaro. The owner used to drive this car back and forth to high school. He and his father originally built the car back in the 80's. Mark brought the car to us and asked, What can you do with this thing? He was in love with my wife's '70 RS. Mark really wanted the big bumpers gone and was looking at his options. I suggested that we "clone" it to a '70 era camaro. We cut the rear of the car off! about 6" worth. And replaced it with a 1970 camaro rear cut. So now the car has the nice tail lights and thin bumper in the rear. The front end conversion was a fairly easy sheet metal change. We moved the firewall back about 12" in order to fit the big block 427, which was also set back for better weight transfer. The seats were moved back as well. We hand made a dash out of steel that resembles a 1962 chevy dash. The hood scoop is hand made as well, It took 30 pieces of steel and a lot of hours. The strange thing about this car is, It has the big big back window. Many people get confused by this. They cant figure out why the back end looks like a '70 but the car has a later model back window. It won 1st in it's class at the world of wheels. It also won the master builders award. This car is currently sitting in an a/c and heated garage. It has a good owner and a nice home.

(contacting owner for more pics)