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1958 Austin Healey Bugeye

This Bugeye is my personal project. (Clayton) We got the car in 2003 It was initally going to be resonably stock with minor mods here and there. But before the car had even been touched the plans for it changed several times. With each change of plan the car became more radical. The final plan was sealed when a good friend donated a 302 Ford to the cause. From that point on we knew the car would have some power and that many other changes had to be made. The body was cut away from the stock uni-body tub. An entire frame was fabricated using a Chassisworks rear frame kit with four link rear suspension which had to be extensively modified to fit. Up front a 80's toyota truck front frame section was narrowed which added strength and allowed for a easy fit of the 302. New firewall, footwells, floors were fabricated. The engine was rebuilt with many new additions World Product heads, Isky cam, speedpro pistons. Hopefully it will have quite a bit of power. It is backed by a ford C4 trans. With the manual shift conversion. built by Benny Edwards. The dash was hand built. and is filled with a set of vintage stuart warner gauges. The car has a new set of 10in M/T slicks and american racing wheels. We think it is important to keep the body mods to a minimum on this car, so not much has been done there. except for: Curved windshield posts, modified wheel openings, and bonnet side vents.

Many good friends have put a lot of time and effort in on this car. I Would like to say, Thank You! to everyone.
Click on a picture to see it in full size.

Stock 1958 austin healey bugeye sprite austin healey bugeye sprite rear

During Construction
bugeye rolling chassis
The complete stock rolling chassis was cut away and scrapped.
austin healey bugeye body
Almost all that was used from the original car.
bugeye custom frame fabrication
Good friends spending a long night fabricating.
bugeye v8 custom frame
The result of that nights fabrication.
bugeye custom frame rear view
just another angle. Still plenty of work left to go.
bugeye rear suspension four link setup
Fat tires are a must. Hopefully It'll hook up
bugeye narrowed ford 9 in
Ford 9" locker. Chassisworks four link setup.
The frame had to be shortened again after body fitment.
custom steering linkage
New foot wells, firewall and brake master cylinder mounting plate were fabricated.
Steering is also being sorted out.
302 bugeye custom firewall
Plenty of room for that 302
bugeye ford 302 v8
Finish work completed on firewall and footwells.
Test fitting the motor.
austin healey bugeye ford 302
Engine bay shot before first firing in a few days.
(everything was successful the car sounds great!)
bugeye hand build custom dashboard
Custom built dash inspired by MG TD. Vintage stuart warner gauges and a monster tach.
58 bugeye side view
Shes coming together. nearly all the body work has been finished.
58 bugeye v8 front view
Happy and cheerful?
Or Menacing and Evil...

58 bugeye in the paint booth red austin healey bugeye
Seeing the bugeye in color is great! It was sprayed Nissan "Red Alert" A big thank you to my dad for laying down the color.(and of course building the car!!)
58 austin healey sprite side view 58 austin healey sprite rear view
The bugeye is really coming together at this stage.
bugeye custom dash 58 bugeye sprite roll bars
Left: Got the dash upolstered. Right: A new much better looking set of roll bars made.
bugeye custom dash 58 bugeye sprite roll bars
Update: The bugeye has been making excellent progress lately!! Things are moving quick. Left: Gauges are wired up now and dash is installed.
Right: New lower console taking shape. Complete with push button start, turn signal, fuel pump and other switches.
bugeye custom dash 58 bugeye sprite roll bars
The engine bay is looking serious! Very business-like under the bonnet. Glenn has done a beautiful job laying everything out.
All of the major systems are nearly wrapped up. Its almost time to fire this beast again!
bugeye custom dash
Sweet side exit un-muffled exhaust! Thanks to the confines of the bugeye there is very little room for an exhaust system. We don't need no stinkin' mufflers! Terrifying children and collecting noise tickets will be among my new hobbies.(just kidding!)