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1962 Chevy Truck

One afternoon, this man came into our shop and told me he had a guy restoring his 1962 chevy truck. As the story went on he told me the "restorer" had taken his truck apart and hit up him for around ten thousand dollars and made many promises along the way. After three years of this the owner decided to go look at his truck. To his surprise, the man had not only left town but moved out of state. The owner found his '62 truck sinking into a mud hole in a back lot behind the guy's trailer. I felt so sorry for this man. As a restoration professional I knew that this truck was a dead horse. I kinda hem-hawed around trying to think of reasons why I didn't want to get involved in this project. Then the owner opened his mouth and said: "Brandon I think the lord sent me to you" Well, I've never had anyone say that to me before. So I thought about it for a bit and I said: "What the heck, gather up all the parts and bring it over." Well, when it arrived the only word that came to mind was Wow! there was rust, bondo, missing parts and the truck was buried in mud up to the axles. After I looked the truck over I was standing with the owner and he said: "By the way I don't have a lot of money to spend on this truck, and I'd like it to be stock" It seems like once a year I get soft spot if I've got a good customer. I later found out he has a wonderful family and he donates his time for free to teach under privleged students after school. So, the rest is history. We are getting close to finishing this nice little driver. Click on a picture to see it in full size.

(I dont have any early before pics)

During Construction