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1964 Ford Falcon

This 1964 Falcon came to us in basic stock form and it was fairly clean. However, as you can see in the pics below it did have some rust issues. They didn't last for long, patch panels were soon made. The Falcon will have a Ford Motorsport 521 installed (The biggest crate engine ford sells currently) backed by a ford C6 trans. The firewall had to be moved back quite a ways to accomidate the big ford. The trans. tunnel also had to be widened due to the larger c6. The ugly stock shock towers were eliminated and a new crossmember from Hedits with a much cleaner coil over setup was installed, after the crossmember was notched for the oil pan. The rear suspension has also been updated with Hedits components, which also had to be modified. Rear tubs were made out of heavy gauge steel for saftey and weight to hold this big boy down. Hopefully allowing the car to put down the power of the 521. There will be large disk brakes all around. capped off by American racing torque thrust D's. The customer wants the car to appear basically stock from the outside but have the best inside. Updates will be posted as the car moves along. Click on a picture to see it in full size.

(I dont have any early before pics)

During Construction
64 ford falcon rust removal
Looks like the quarter panel is in need of some rust removal.
64 falcon rust removal patch panel
The rust has been cut out. Time to make a patch panel.
ford falcon rust in wheel opening
Same issue above the wheel opening.
falcon wheel opening patch panel fabricated.
New metal all welded in.
ford falcon custom firewall
Smooth new firewall. With plenty of room for the motor.
64 falcon custom built transmission tunnel.
New Transmission tunnel fabricated as well.
ford falcon with 521 installed.
Quick test fit of the big 521.
custom built four core aluminum radiator.
Custom 4 core radiator.
hedits front suspension installed in falcon.
Clean front suspension setup from Hedit's. Means no more ugly shock towers.
hedits rear four link with ford 9 inch. in falcon
New rear four link setup also from Hedit's.
american racing torque thrust d with mickey thompson rubber. 64 falcon
Torque thrust D's for a classic look. And 10in wide M/T's
ford falcon painted windveil blue metallic
Firewall and jambs painted in Ford Windveil blue met.
front suspension painted. 64 falcon
Suspension parts painted. Looking real clean and subtle.
ford motorsport 521 crate engine in 64 falcon
The big motor is in permanently
falcon front suspension
Nice view of front suspension.
falcon rear suspension.
Same for the rear.
ford 521 big block falcon engine swap
ford falcon engine bay
Just got back from Glens. Everyting is routed, wired and plumbed. The falcon now moves under its own power, and I can tell you It sounds wicked.
falcon custom instrument cluster
custom gauge cluster in falcon
The customer really wants to keep the original look of the falcon interior. So, the factory insturment cluster has been modified to accept modern gauges.
falcon front view
Here is a nice Teaser shot for you!! This is the final fit for the front end. The falcon should be in paint next week! And I'll have pictures up as soon as it's in color so stay tuned... The bumper has been shaved, no more bumper bolts sticking out. All of the chrome has been done in nickel for a very clean classy look. This is probably the only falcon in the state with this monster 521 under the hood and the amazing part, no hood scoop needed. More pics next week.
falcon front side view
64 ford falcon painted windveil blue
64 falcon rear view
64 falcon hood
The falcon was just painted yesterday! and as promised here are some pictures. The conditions of the booth don't allow for amazing pictures. These shots certainly don't do the color justice, it is truly a beautiful looking color. Next up, the side molding "coves" will be painted in gunmetal gray to match the center of the torque thrust D's. The gray should tie everything together nicely the blue needs to be broken up a bit. More pics to come as it moves forward!
falcon with trim side view
Alright, here it is! Everything is really flowing together now. The gray ties in great with the wheel centers and the nickel plated trim makes the gray to blue transition smooth.
I think it looks great.
ford falcon side view
64 falcon side view
falcon side
ford falcon rear view
Plently more work ahead but it just keeps getting better. More pics to come as things move along.
falcon nearly finished
64 falcon rear shot
64 ford falcon sprint
64 falcon sprint 521
Finally got a chance to get some pictures with the falcon outside of the shop. the color really comes alive out here! This is one bad falcon.
64 ford falcon sprint
64 falcon sprint 521
64 ford falcon sprint
64 falcon sprint 521
64 ford falcon sprint
64 falcon sprint 521
64 ford falcon sprint
The interior is in! We continued the stock look inside the car, keep it nice and clean. Just basic shots for now. More to come....
64 ford falcon sprint best in show
64 falcon sprint show winner
Best of show on its first time out!!!! This falcon came out beautifully and we didn't expect anything less. Congratultions to the Wyndles! Brandy's Auto has done it again.