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1950 Mercury

This car is one that I'll remember for a long time. I got a call from this guy and it was kind of a odd conversation. Because he was a younger guy in his late 30's. He told me his dream car was a 1950 mercury. He went on and on about how throughout his life the '50 mercury had intrigued him. I thought it was kind of strange because typically younger people want muscle cars, and They look past cars from the 40's and 50's. As you know '50 mercurys are quite rare. I had no Idea where I could find one. I put the word out and soon a friend told me he knew of one located in Wikeup AZ. I told my customer about it, and We decided to go take a look. When I first saw the car I said "Oh my god! I have never seen anything so rusty in my life." After we looked the car over, my customer asked me: "Is there any way that we can do something with this car?" When I looked at him it was quite obvious by the look in his eyes that he already fell in love with the merc. The biggest shock came when the seller informed us he wanted $5,000 for the car. I was in disbelief. Well to make a long story short the customer bought the car and work began soon after. The owner is a fairly religious man and he told me that he wanted it to look like something the devil himself would drive. I think we achieved that. Approximately 700 hours were put into building the car, and the cost will not be discussed. It is a very straight shooter and, yes it will boil those 24" wide M/T's If you have any questions about the construction of this car we will be very happy to answer them. Click on a picture to see it in full size.


During Construction

Almost Ready To hit the road