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Our projects

 Welcome to our projects page. Here you can check out the cars we currently have in the shop under construction. As well as a few that are already on the road. Also check out the misc. section to see some of our early cars. If you see something you like, just Click on that cars' picture to read the story of it's construction and see detailed pictures of the build. Most of the stories come straight from the perspective of my father and others are written by me. -This page will be frequently updated so keep checking back with us.--

our current projects

Click on a picture to learn more about a particular project.

 Austin healey bugeye sprite
1959 Austin Healey Bugeye "Vintage Racer"
1964 chevrolet impala ss
1964 Impala SS
1965 GTO
1965 GTO
1964 Falcon
1964 Falcon 5.0
1928 Dodge
1928 Dodge Victory Six
1958 Austin healey bugeye
1958 Austin Healey Bugeye
1955 chrysler imperial limo
1955 Chrysler Imperial Limousine
1965 falcon sprint convertible
1965 Falcon Sprint Convertible

our completed projects
1981 Jeep CJ-8
1981 Jeep CJ-8
1967 GTO Convertible
1967 GTO Convertible
1967 Pontiac GTO
1967 Pontiac GTO
1942 GMC pickup truck
1942 GMC Truck
1979 Pontiac Trans Am
1979 Pontiac Trans Am
1960 Nash Metropolitan
1960 Nash Metropolitan
1941 plymouth
1941 Plymouth
1967 camaro convertible
1967 Camaro Convertible
1950 dodge truck
1950 Dodge Truck
1967 camaro
1967 Camaro
1964 ford falcon
1964 Ford Falcon
1934 plymouth 5 window coupe
1934 Plymouth 5 Window Coupe
1950 mercury viper v10
Viper V10 powered 1950 Mercury
1970 camaro RS
1970 Camaro RS
1970 oldsmobile cutlass
1970 Oldsmobile Cutlass
1936 Lincoln willoughby
1936 Lincoln K Model Willoughby
1952 cunningham c3 coupe
1952 Cunningham C-3 Coupe
1955 chevy
1955 Chevy
1976 camaro
1976 Camaro
69 Trans Am ram air
1969 Pontiac Trans-Am Ram Air IV
1965 GTO
1965 GTO
1962 Triumph Tr4
1962 Triumph TR4
1966 Triumph Spitfire 6
1966 Triumph Spitfire 6
1972 Chevelle
1972 Chevelle
1966 Charger
1966 Dodge Charger
1962 chevy truck
1962 Chevy Truck

Miscellaneous pictures
1950 ford 1950 ford 2
I was around 18 when I bought this 1950 ford. I put a 327 and a four speed transmission in it. I had a ball with this thing. Later on I put a 460 big block ford in it with an auto trans. Someone back in michigan may know something about this old truck. We flamed it just before I sold it. A friend of mine, Bo at Minsers collision on woodward ave. did the flames. I got enough money from the sale to move to AZ and start a new life. I often think of my friends back at Minsers. Jr. Green, Harold green. I hope that maybe one of these guys sees this and emails me. I miss my old buddies.
73 GMC 73 GMC 2
In 1976 I bought this GMC short bed I think it was a 1973. Well like any typical body man I didnt want just a plain truck. I thought it would be cool if I cut the frame and the box down to make it shorter. I think we shortented it 14" It's a different look. This truck was my daily driver for quite a while. Funny story, One day I went to Wards to pick up a microwave oven. I was parked waiting at the loading door and another guy pulled up behind me with a short bed chevy truck. I couldn't resist. I had to mess with him a little. I said to him, "That's a nice looking long bed chevy you got there." I looked at me for a second and replied, "I'm sorry but this is a short bed. We just bought it last week." I said: "Well, look at my truck and look at yours. You can clearly see mine is a short bed." By this time the man was confused. His wife finally came out of the store and he asked her which truck looked shorter. She quickly said: "His does" (refering to my truck.) I added fuel to the fire by saying:"If I were you I'd be really upset because they sold you a long bed, and they aren't worth as much as a short bed." He replied: "I can't beleive they did this to me, I'm going to the dealership to raise some hell and call my lawyer." I never told him the truth and drove home. I often wondered through the years how that turned out.
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misc11 misc12
This 1956 Crown Victoria has a nice story behind it. I got a call one day from a guy in Wickenburg. He asked me If I would like to restore a 1956 Crown Victoria. I have always loved these cars. In 1956 the owner bought this car for his wife as a birthday present. She only had it for 2 years and it was stolen. Many, many years went by and in 2002 he got a call from the sheriffs department in Florida. They asked him if he ever owned a 1956 ford. He thought about it for a moment and said, Oh yeah, I gave my wife one for her birthday in 1956 but it was stolen two years later. The officer informed him that a '56 ford had been found and that he was the last registered owner. the officer asked him if he would like the car back. Of course the owner asked what shape the car was in. The officer told him it was purple in color with a white tuck and rolled interior. The car was originally turquoise and white. The owner had the car hauled all the way back to AZ to our shop. He never mentioned anything to his wife. We quickly started on the car. When the restoration was finished we entered the car in one show. Which was the annual GoodGuys show here in AZ. It won first place in a stock class. We drove it from the show to the owners house. When he came to the door I winked at him and said "We have a delivery here for your wife" She was 74 years old at this time. I told her I had a birthday present for her. I had the keys in my hand. She walked out to the car and looked at it and said, "It looks like my old car." and that's when her husband took over and simply said happy birthday. this is your old car. He told her the whole story, then the tears were flowing. Wonderful story isn't it?
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