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1964 Triumph Spitfire 6

This is a car that the factory never made. Anyone who has ever owned a Spitfire has wondered what it would be like to plug in the engine from a GT6. The factory didn't want to do this as they were afraid that it would steal sales from their higher priced models like the TR4 and TR6. It's rare that anyone would spend the required money to restore a Spitfire to this level. The owner was very specific that he wanted an early Mk1 body and an early GT6 drive train. The idea was to make the car appear as though the factory made the car. This car even fools aficionados. The color chosen is 2004 Jaguar BRG. The 2 litre engine fires immediately and settles into a flawlessly smooth hum. The overdrive trans was rebuilt by five different shops around the country before it was finally done right to the owners satisfaction. To say no expense was spared is an understatement. When this car was brought to us the engine was in the trunk and the whole car looked like it had been dragged from a pond. Now this may be the worlds' nicest Spitfire.