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1962 Triumph Tr4

This TR4 started life in France and was brought home to Arizona by its owner after serving in the military. After learning of the car from a friend of a friend of a friend the new owner rescued and brought the car to us. After stripping the car apart we were very pleased to discover an overdrive transmission and a few go-fast parts on the engine. It's also a low number car that has some of the cool features of the TR3 that it replaced: dome-glass gauges and TR3 seats. It also has the solid rear axle rather than IRS. The solid axle was the preferred setup for racers in the day. This car required new floors from typical rust and new front and rear valances from lifelong bumps and bruises. But at its core this car was very straight and looked to have been accident free. The color chosen is Chrysler "Nightwatch" blue.

During Construction